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What Your Travel Mug Says About You

If you’re anything like us, you’re always in the market for your next travel mug. Whether you’re backpacking across the Alps or brewing a quick cup on the way to your nine-to-five, there’s a travel mug for every type of coffee/tea drinker. Besides finding new and creative ways to store our ever-growing collection, the biggest […]

Leggings in Popular Culture

In the days of old, jeans were the preferred style of casual pants. Way back then, women would have to go to department stores and force their uniquely proportioned bodies into a constricting body cast we called denim. The creators of this ‘denim’ substance didn’t quite understand the proportions of the female form so, for […]

Ten Freezer Tips & Tricks

You’re coming home from a long day at work- and we mean an extremely long day. You spilled coffee on yourself this morning, you couldn’t focus all day, you ended up having to stay at work an hour late to fix old work (yep, it was that kind of day). As you’re driving home, with […]

Hit It Out of the Ballpark with These Nacho Recipes

Whether it’s game day or a kid’s sleepover, when you’re hosting, you always have to be armed with the best snacks. You want to give your parties a name for themselves, equip them with a signature dish so notorious that your house will become ‘the place to be’ for all future events. But does such […]

Craft Sodas Across the Country

Here’s an experiment for you: Find the nearest East Coaster and utter the word ‘soda’ in front of them. Watch carefully as they do a double-take, sputter, and cough- staring at you as though you’ve uttered a curse word. You will find that you experience equally hilarious results if you find a Southerner and utter […]

Eleven Classic Gifts That Aren’t Scented Candles

For some people, a scented candle is the gift that keeps on giving. When they open the package and see the ‘lavender blossom’ wonder sitting at the base of the box, their eyes shine like a kid on Christmas morning. To those people, you’ve just given them many relaxing evenings of knitting, reading, and binging […]

5 Ways to Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Kids

As a parent, we all know the difficulties of trying to magically transform boring into fun. We all know the impossible struggle of making broccoli taste like candy, of turning clean-up into play time, of making reading feel like screen time, and even of turning tooth brushing into a party in their mouths. Although we’ll […]

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Garage

Here’s a riddle for you: What contains everything from painting cans to cars, from toys to tools, and from treasured memories to trash bins? Give up? It’s your garage. Having a space to store all of your excess junk is extremely helpful, but you also have a whole room of your house that is completely […]

Choosing the Right Purse Size for You

Typically, we come to the conclusion that our purse has reached its expiration date for one of four reasons: a) Zippers or snaps are broken, canyon-sized holes are made, and it’s just generally falling apart at the seams; b) We’ve run out of ways to store our unhealthy surplus of bags; c) Our lives have […]

Best Store-Bought Sauces to Add to Your Kitchen

Being an adult can be a series of neverending inconveniences. Laundry, vacuuming, doing the dishes, cleaning your closet, paying bills- all while trying desperately to find time for work, exercise, family, friends, and…well… you. It’s hard to find even a second in the day that’s not already occupied and, on the rare occasions you do, […]