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Best Summer Beers 2020

For any beer lovers or pills-nerds out there, this 90-degree weather is practically begging for you to crack open a cold one. When you spend virtually all day and night in a pool of your own sweat, the most beautiful sound in the world is that little ‘shhhhh’ that emits as you crack the lid […]

Nacho Dipping Sauce Recipes

You receive a call from a close friend. You’re catching up with each other, chuckling at small jokes, and saying how much you miss one another. Then all of a sudden you’re making plans… for today?! You’re excited to see them so you say yes, but as soon as you hang up the panic sets […]

Summer Grilling Hacks

Summer is always the season of hot coals, cold drinks, and the sounds and smells of fresh meat sizzling on the grill. You’ll spend hours out in the fresh air, getting some much-needed vitamin D as you prep the food. Your family will help you prop up the lawn chairs, set up the cooler, and […]

Immune-Boosting Smoothie Recipes

While many of us may have taken a more passive approach to our overall health (ate an orange once in a while and called it a day), there are certain foods that allow us to play an active role in strengthening your immune system. If you don’t want to tweak your at-home recipes, adding a […]

Spilling Leftovers: A Tragi-Comedy

You just finished devouring a gorgeous meal. You had a juicy steak cooked to bloody perfection and a dish you’ve lovingly nicknamed ‘heart-attack potatoes’ topped with enough cheese, butter, and salt for the year. You topped the meal off with some broccoli and a smattering of brussels sprouts layered with oil and bacon galore. See, […]

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Everything about spring is teaming with the feeling that the world is coming alive… we’re all stuck inside. Being stuck indoors during this time of year is tough, but you can still take advantage of the situation and accomplish house projects that you would normally brush under the rug #pun. Since you’re done making TikTok […]

Best Soups for Boosting Your Immune System

It’s more important than ever to make sure people are staying healthy and taking care of their immune systems. And this can come in many forms. It can involve a weekly exercise regiment, meditation to help lower stress levels, a or more structured sleep schedule. And, just as crucially, it can involve adjusting diets to […]

What Your Travel Mug Says About You

If you’re anything like us, you’re always in the market for your next travel mug. Whether you’re backpacking across the Alps or brewing a quick cup on the way to your nine-to-five, there’s a travel mug for every type of coffee/tea drinker. Besides finding new and creative ways to store our ever-growing collection, the biggest […]

Leggings in Popular Culture

In the days of old, jeans were the preferred style of casual pants. Way back then, women would have to go to department stores and force their uniquely proportioned bodies into a constricting body cast we called denim. The creators of this ‘denim’ substance didn’t quite understand the proportions of the female form so, for […]

Ten Freezer Tips & Tricks

You’re coming home from a long day at work- and we mean an extremely long day. You spilled coffee on yourself this morning, you couldn’t focus all day, you ended up having to stay at work an hour late to fix old work (yep, it was that kind of day). As you’re driving home, with […]