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Best Summer Wines 2020

For all of the wine drinkers out there, the seasons play a big part in the choices you make when you enter your local wine shop. In the fall and winter months, you tend to grab heavier and drier reds off of the shelf that give you that warm and cozy glow. But if you drank those same wines during these ninety-degree summer days, you’d be sweating twice as much as you normally do (and that’s already a lot). Instead, you scavenge the shelves for lighter fruitier choices. It could be a rosé you could have with some ice or perhaps a red that has a more refreshing finish. Here are some of the best summer wines for all of you wine lovers out there who are trying to beat the heat:

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1) Tesco Finest Malbec Rosé

Although they’re famous or their red malbecs, Catena’s new Rosé is mixed with white grape torrontés. This concoction gives the drinker a tangy drink with a splash of exotic fruit.

2) Trimbach Pinot Noir Réserve

They may primarily be known for their spicy white wines, but producers at Alsace have really made a splash with this bold pinot noir. Although red wines may feel a little heavy for the summer, this one has an easy raciness and pretty red fruit flavor that keeps it refreshing.

3) Morrisons The Best Grenache Blanc

The grenache blanc is becoming increasingly more popular, branching out from it’s home in the Mediterranean and moving to areas like Southern France and Northern Spain. According to The Guardian, this particular grenache blanc has a light succulent stone-fruited charm.

4) Tendu Cortese

Coming from the good old U, S, of A, this wine is being made out in Clarksburg, California. The winemakers, Jill and Steve Mathiasson have taken a wine that was originally made in Piedmont and given it their own spin with a splash of tangy citrus and white peaches.

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5) Lucky Rock Pinot Noir County Cuvee

A bargain for a pinot noir, this bright and fruity drink comes in at a measly $22. Not only is it affordable, but it includes a zippy acidity and crisp floral finish that makes it feel much more expensive than it is.

6) NV Champagne Henriot Blancs de Blancs

A moderately-priced option, this iconic creation from Henriot includes notes of apple, almond, and lemon giving it both a nutty and sweet finish.

7) Inniskillin Riesling

For those riesling renegades out there, this concoction is tough to beat. This one combines flavors of nuts, lemon, and peaches to give the drink a sultry and mega sweet taste that makes you forget it’s an alcoholic drink.

8) La Gargarista Farm and Winery Ci Confonde Rosé

Billy Smith, sommelier and assistant wine director at Michelin-starred The Four Horsemen restaurant in Brooklyn, stated in an interview with Business Insider, “This pét nat sparkler comes from one of my very favorite wineries in all of the US. Made in Vermont by Deirdre Heekin & Caleb Barber, this wine always has a beautifully mysterious character that will make you wonder why you don’t drink more wines made of American hybrid grape varietals, like Frontenac Gris.”

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9) Dr. Loosen “Red Slate” Dry Riesling

Though rieslings are typically thought of as being on the sweeter side, this dry riesling is a great go-to summer drink. It includes intense and dry flavors that have hints of apple and lemon. It may be an acquired taste for some, but the sour beer drinkers may have found a wine they can actually get on board with.

10) Cantine Volpi ‘ERA’ Prosecco

This dry prosecco is expressive and extremely versatile. It stands very well on its own, but it could also blend well with your favorite fruit-based liquor or it could be mixed with your fruit juice of choice for an extra-refreshing summer flavor.

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