Why Should I Aerate My Wine?

There’s nothing like sitting under the stars in the summer enjoying a glass of wine. But how do you make sure you enjoy all the flavor of the wine even if you’re not an expert? Exactly what makes this sophisticated adult beverage so beloved? For us, it’s the two F’s – flavor and freshness. To maintain both flavor and freshness at its highest level, you have to aerate your wine.

Wine Aeration

Think of wine aeration as the breath of fresh air this grape-grown and barrel-aged beverage needs. A little oxygen actually does your wine a lot of good. By allowing the contents of the wine to “breathe,” you’ll actually find that it benefits in several ways:

  • Smoother taste
  • Individual flavors are accented
  • Individual smells are heightened

Wine aeration highlights each and every flavor accent and smell within the wine, making them more easily recognized and enjoyed by your taste buds. Whether you’re a white, red or blush wine lover, you’ll surely notice the difference.

The Value in Freshness

Wine aeration might sound fancy, but believe us when we say the process doesn’t have to be even as costly as your cheapest bottle of wine. Really! Just check out our unique Self-Sealing Wine Server Pour Spout. For just six dollars, you can outfit your open wine bottle with options that seal in freshness and keep wine fresher longer.

A self-sealing mechanism in allows for an incredibly easy and smooth pour without dripping so you can enjoy your wine to the very last drop. We agree: that’s important! Because the Wine Server self-opens to pour, it also is a great solution for wine aeration.