Wanted: College Dorm Organization

No matter what dorm you spent your college days in, we can all agree on one thing: it was tiny. It might seem spacious before you move in when you just see a bunk bed and some desks, but trust us–appearances can be deceiving. You also don’t have the luxury of storing stuff in other rooms of your house. If you have a roommate, your living space is cut in half. For your privacy, convenience, and sanity, you’re going to want to be organized, especially once you start hoarding all those snack cakes from the cafeteria. So with that, we bring you Jokari’s Most Wanted: Organization for Small Spaces.

Leggings Hanger

Fall is coming up and that means leggings weather! Storing leggings doesn’t seem like it would be too hard: just slip them on a hanger or fold them and put them away in a drawer. The hangers, however, eat up valuable closet space and can leave you struggling to store heavy coats or other clothes that need lots of room. Drawers also can only hold so much (we’ll touch on those more later), and many a times your favorite leggings end up in the back-of-the-drawer abyss, never to be seen again. Jokari’s specialized leggings hanger keeps them stored in style and saves valuable closet space. Plus, c’mon. They’re the most versitile clothing you own. They deserve better treatment.

Cap Rack

Same story goes for our cap rack. If you want to have multiple options–whether it’s game day or you woke up late and didn’t have time to shower, the cap rack allows to you display and store your precious hats in a confined space. The design of the spring-tethered strap prevents it from damaging the door, so don’t worry about annoying your RA. Each pack has two racks, capable of holding up to 32 hats combined. Or you could get in your roomie’s good graces by sharing the spare… Either way, it’s better than the floor or your bed post.

Pull Up Hanger

Finishing up our journey through the closet is our pull up hanger. Much like leggings, camisoles and scarves eat up precious room. With the pull-up hanger, not only are they kept hanging to prevent wrinkles, but its reduced to space of only two traditional hangers. Thanks to its unique design, the pull-up hanger holds up to 14 items, at first appearing to be dangling downward like the legging rack. Lifting the other end, however, gives you easy access to everything on the hanger. Just drop it back into place when you’re done!

Tumbler Organizer

While we’re on the topic of saving space, let’s talk tumblers. If you’re returning to college or have visited a few earlier, you might’ve noticed how many giveaways they have. These freebies tend to be small and easy to produce, like water bottles or tumblers. But because you don’t want to lose lids, you need our  water bottle and tumbler organizer. Each of the twelve pouches can hold a bottle, coffee cup, or tumbler and its corresponding lid. No more scrambling to find space for all the gifts or grabbing a random lid only to find it doesn’t fit. All you have to worry about is finding the coffee.

Erasable Labels

Finally, a way to make life easier when you’re rushing to class. If your dorm is on the opposite end of campus from your calculus class, the last thing you want to be do is flip through your binders trying to find the right one. Jokari’s erasable labels come in a set of 20, meaning there’s plenty for all your courses and any other projects you might have. End up dropping out of a course? First of all, we’ve all been there, don’t beat yourself up over it.  But the labels are erasable, so you haven’t wasted any in your change of plans! How convenient.

Will this make your college life perfect? Honestly, probably not. There’s far more to university than living on campus and rocking your dorm life. But it will definitely give you a head start on living on your own in a cramped space. Go get ‘em, tiger- or whatever your mascot is.