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Caring for your Kitchen Sponge

Sponges: they help us clean, they’re multi-purpose, and they make for surprisingly good television. Caring for your household sponge might seem like a silly thing to worry about at first. After all, they’re designed to be used for a while then thrown away. While it’s true you should toss out used sponges after a certain […]

Healthy Dinners to Make With the Family

Cooking with kids can sometimes be a challenge, even when you’re making easy recipes you know they’ll love. Pasta, tacos, and pizza might be tasty, but we all get tired of making and eating the same thing week after week (except maybe that five-year-old that’s only been eating fish sticks for the past two years). […]

How To Wrap A Gift Perfectly

Whether it’s a Christmas gift or a birthday present, something for Hanukah or even just because, wrapping a gift perfectly is almost impossible. You could always use a gift bag–especially if the object is oddly shaped–but being able to use wrapping paper properly is important. And there’s always the risk of not having quite enough […]