Signature Hats for Cap Collectors

Every person has a unique way of expressing their personality through style. For some, shoes are their staple piece and their closet is piled high with a variety of heels and sneakers of all different shapes and colors. For others, they express themselves through a variety of sunglasses- round, square, tiny, oval (you name it). And some people express their personality by utilizing a colorful collection of hats. You’re either a hat person or you’re not, but if you are then you likely have piles of these head accessories that you’ve collected over the years. Here are the signature hats that you’ll likely find in any cap collector’s collection.

Jokari Signature Hats 3

1) Sporty

Every cap collector has that one sporty hat that they display at the front of their collection with pride. This cap (or multiple in some cases) is likely tied to their favorite sports team, whether they be a football fan, basketball, baseball, etc. Whichever team they spend their evenings praying will win the championship. These hats will likely be displayed toward the front of their collection if not worn to the point of utter disarray within a month’s time. This is because the sporty hat collectors desperately want you to see the hat and say something along the lines of “Oh hey, you’re a Steelers fan?” What you didn’t know is that you’ve just walked into a carefully laid trap which will result in a two hour long speech analyzing each play and player, the thesis of which is that the Steelers are the best team in the NFL (be warned, readers).

2) Minimalist

The minimalist hat in the collection will be the plainest of the bunch. It could simple be one solid color with no design at all or the design will be a tiny symbol stitched in all black thread. There could be one or two reasons for a minimalist hat being part of the collection. One could be that this is a person who really enjoys wearing hats so they want to make sure they have some that match with anything. These are like the classic black shoes in your closet, when in doubt the cap collector will grab one of their minimalist hats as a last-minute accessory to any outfit. It could also be that this cap collector’s style is more minimalist in general so they’d rather have more muted pieces rather than a statement hat.

3) Cartoon

A cap collector will likely also have a cartoonish design on one of their ball caps. Whether it be Spongebob, Rugrats, Futurama, Rick & Morty- the design will likely be minimal minus the small threaded design of their beloved character. These hats act as both a nostalgia piece with some sentimental value as well as a great conversation starter. This allows the cap-wearer to broadcast a show or movie they love without opting for the very flashy graphic tee.

Jokari Signature Hats 2

4) The Experiment

Every hat aficionado has one… you know the one. Maybe you were talked into it by your friend who insisted that it made you look most mature. Or perhaps someone made the mistake of letting you shop by yourself and you came back with that mistake. Maybe it was a gift from your mother for christmas because she ‘knows you like hats.’ Whatever it was that lead you to this one, it sure is… something.

This is the hat that you wore a bunch when you first got it, feeling confident in your new style. Then you started to notice that everytime you wore it people’s eyes kept darting back and forth between you and the hat. So you retired it for now but, every once in a while when you’re alone, you’ll break it out and stare at yourself in the mirror thinking ‘Can I pull this off? I think I can, right? Yeah, I totally can.’

5) The Obligation

This cap is one that you likely got for a specific event. It could be a concert that your friends invited you to, only for you to realize that you had no merch to wear. It could also be a sporting event for a team that you don’t like, but the person you’ve been dating invited you to go. Either way, this hat is not one that you likely pride yourself on. You wore it to that one event and it hasn’t seen the light of day since. You’ve thought about getting rid of it, but who knows maybe one day someone will invite you to another Eagles game and you’ll have something to wear.

6) The Vacation

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you got it on vacation. It could’ve been this past summer or maybe your parents got one for you a while back, but it’s a nice memory and a welcome part of your collection. It’s not one you wear too often, but sometimes you’ll break it out when you’re reminiscing or wishing desperately for a nice relaxing beach trip. And, when you go back to that location, you don’t mind being ‘that guy’ sporting a regional hat as a tourist.

Jokari Signature Hats 4

7) The Memory

This one is your favorite of your whole collection. It could be ratty and worn-down, but you would never get rid of it. If there was a fire in your home, you’d run straight for your cap collection and make sure this one made it out. This is because this cap is tied to a special memory. It could be the day you hit your first home run as a kid and your dad went out and bought you a new cap. It could be from a particularly meaningful trip you took with a friend right after college. Whatever it is, you remember the exact moment you received the hat, how it felt, and how much the memory of that day will always mean to you.

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