Best Teas for Wellness

You wake up in the morning, stretch, rub the sleep from your eyes, and head straight for your kitchen. You fumble through your cupboard as you reach for your kettle, fill it with water, and set it on the stove. You turn on the stove and, as the water is heating up, you hurriedly search for a tea bag and some of your loose leaf tea. There’s nothing quite like waking up with a cup of warm tea to make you feel awake, healthy, calm, and ready to tackle anything your day can throw your way.  The best teas for wellness are also the best teas to help you start your day.

But wait, tragedy has struck! You’re out of tea bags and your only option is your tea infuser cup, which always leaks a little of the tea leaves into your tea and you can never quite get the flavor right. Luckily, you also have your Jokari Tea Infuser! Not only is this reusable tool much more environmentally friendly than tea bags, but it allows you to completely customize your tea with the exact amount of loose leaf tea you’d like, steeped just like a teabag. As an added bonus, there’s a pump that, when pressed, will push down on the tea leaves in the strainer, releasing a boost of extra flavor for those that like their tea strong.

Waking up with a morning cup of tea not only gives you that fresh morning glow, but it can also have a myriad of benefits that will keep you healthy for oolong time.

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Green Tea

Green tea is prepared using either fresh or withered, lightly heated or steamed leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. This process involves halting the oxidation process which gives green tea its light and fresh flavor profile. Because of its high concentration of EGCG, one of the more beneficial flavonoids, it has been widely studied by medical professionals. Its antioxidants may interfere with the growth of breast, lung, bladder, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers. It may prevent the clogging of arteries and counteract oxidative stress in the brain. It may also reduce the risk of neurological diseases and improve cholesterol levels.

Black Tea

Derived from the same plant, black tea leaves are made by either crushing, rolling, curling, or tearing them and then leaving them to fully oxidize before being dried and sold. The fact that the leaves are allowed to fully oxidize allows for the stronger flavor profile they contain. Studies have shown that black tea may help prevent the lungs from the damage that is typically caused by cigarette smoke. It may also be helpful for reducing the risk of stroke, supporting heart health, and protecting against oxidative stress.

Pu-erh Tea

This fermented tea has its leaves hand-tossed in a giant wok in order to halt the oxidization process. It is then aged in a very humid environment, which brings out the unique dark yet less astringent flavor. One study conducted on animals showed that those that consumed Pu-erh tea showed less weight gain and lower LDL cholesterol than those who didn’t. This tea may also support both heart health and skin health.

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White Tea

White tea is made using new buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which results in a light and delicate flavor profile. According to WebMD, one study shows that white tea has the most potent anti-cancer properties of all the teas. White tea may support dental health, inflammation, brain health, and protect against oxidative stress, which makes it one of the best teas for wellness.

Oolong Tea

Also known as ‘black dragon’ or Wulong tea, this tea is semi-oxidized and produced as a whole-leaf tea. In another animal study, those given oolong tea had lower bad cholesterol levels. Oolong may also benefit the body by supporting protective measures against free radicals, supporting heart health, and supporting brain health.

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Hibiscus Tea

This tea is derived from the hibiscus plant which grows in North Africa, Southeast Asia, and many other tropical climates. Much sweeter than your average tea, this one is often enjoyed in the summer months with ice.  It makes our list of one of the best teas for wellness because a small study has shown that drinking three cups of hibiscus tea per day lowered the blood pressure of subjects with slightly elevated levels. In addition, a healthy dose of hibiscus may help to support liver health in the body.


Derived from the Asteraceae plant, this tea is a popular one to drink before bed to help calm us and prepare us for sleep. Although it is most famous for its support of creating healthier sleeping habits, there are a few other benefits to drinking chamomile. The antioxidants it contains may help prevent complications from diabetes such as vision loss or nerve damage. It may also help to stunt the growth of cancer cells and support healthy digestion.